GIBT mainly cultivates professionals to medical laboratory and biotechnology. Because it is a clinical experiment in routine that was developed from various types of medical experiments, medical examination is, thus named as the laboratory medicine. It is a interface between experimental technology and the clinical medicine, its category includes:

(1) to engage in the clinical routine “medical examination “;
(2) to translate the discover and achievement of “medical research“ to the application of
     clinical medicine technology;
(3) to utilize medical experimental techniques into study of pathology, physiology, and
     molecular mechanism of “medical research “.

With the progress of medical science and technology in recent years, clinical examination is gradually
automatically. Various kinds of experiment and technology relying mainly on cell molecular biology, including technologies of genetic recombination, molecular medical examines, proteomic engineering, immunology, reproduction science, gene/protein chips science, fluorescence resonance, and various biomedical detection techniques advanced quickly. Therefore, all the Department of Medical Examination in Taiwan were rename as "GIBT” since 2006. Medical science and technology developed in recent years was expected to combine together with the traditional medical examination. New courses for students were extremely increased which makes diverse among schools in developing new direction of student education. To let students have pluralism and free choices, this department improves course designing, planning, and quality, rather than divided students into groups. In addition, this department plans and executes to examine students with the test of Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) via the remarkable plan of teaching. We designed objective clinical technical ability testing and point scale to test the ability of students in each core clinical discipline, which is the first developed in the Taiwan, that can be the reference of skill examination, it is also the unique characteristic of our department.


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