Assistant Professor

Jun-Jen, Liu Ph. D.
TEL886-27361661 #3324

Highest Degree 
Ph.D. Graduated Institute of Biochemistry and Molecularbiology, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University

Liposomal drug formulation and Anticancer Study
Animal models for Drug Development
Angiogenesis Related Disease therapy
Original paper: ( since 1991 )
01. 劉俊仁"人類肝癌細胞株,HA22T/VGH,分泌之GM-CSF cDNA選殖與表現". (指導教授: 王聲遠,歐樂君) 碩士論文, 1991.
02. Au,L.C., Liu,T.J., Shen,H.D., Choo,K.B. and Wang,S.Y. Secretory production of bioactive recombinant human granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor by a baculovirus expression system,? J.Biotechnol., 51: 107-113, 1996.
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